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About The Madison Group

Too often today, government relations specialists fail to understand that they are a cost center to the corporate businesses they serve. They may be experts in government, but not experts on the companies they represent before the government.

Leading a new trend in Washington aimed at turning government relations from a cost center into a genuine profit center is The Madison Group. By focusing on becoming experts in every facet of their client's business, The Madison Group proactively seeks new revenue opportunities for their clients - in addition to achieving the underlying public policy goals of their clients. Whether it is by finding business opportunities with the government, or more often, finding ways to utilize the public policy arena to advance your business, The Madison uses its intimate knowledge of both government and our client's business to create new revenue enhancement opportunities where none previously existed.

A boutique agency, The Madison Group tailors our work to fit the specific needs of our clients. The Madison Group is a woman and minority-owned lobbying and consulting firm that specializes in tax, technology, telecommunications, trade and transportation issues. The Madison Group focuses not just on successfully solving complex public policy issues for its clients, but also on finding creative ways to generate a significant ROI for those in need of government relations strategies.